Unit One Vocabulary - Weebly

Unit One Vocabulary - Weebly

UNIT ONE VOCABULARY Week Five AMORPHOUS (ADJECTIVE) ill-defined without shape blob-like

Looking at rainwater under the microscope revealed a series of amorphous creatures. It isnt always easy for someone to assimilate into a new culture. ASCETIC (ADJECTIVE/NOUN) ~(adj.) self-denying/doing without ~(noun) a person who denies themselves pleasure or comfort

Paul moved into a monastery to live life as an aesthetic. . DECORUM (NOUN) ~manners Apparently, Roger never received

the memo on what is and isnt considered good decorum when seated next to the Queen. DOGGEREL (NOUN) oorly written verse

FACILE (ADJECTIVE) e asy e ffortless I t will be facile to win against our inferior opponents this weekend.

GUILE (NOUN) s ly or cunning intelligence M iriams guile served her well on the chessboard.

PROFFER (VERB/NOUN) ( verb) offer ( noun) an offer I

accepted his hand as a proffer of friendship. PROTG/PROTGE (NOUN) t rainee s idekick

assistant R obin is Batmans protg . SANGUINE (ADJECTIVE) ~optimistic ~positive thinking

People are drawn to those individuals with a sanguine outlook on life. SERAPHIC (ADJECTIVE) ~angelic Amelias behavior was positively seraphic.

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