2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1 Why Computers Matter to

 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1 Why Computers Matter to

2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1 Why Computers Matter to You: Becoming Computer Fluent Looking at Computers: Understanding the Parts 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 2 Chapter Topics

Computer fluency Computers and careers Computer functions Data vs. information Computer hardware and software Societal challenges and computers Future technologies 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

3 What is Computer Fluency? To be computer fluent you must: Understand a computers capabilities and limitations Know how to use a computer 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 4 Computers in your Career?

Computer careers in: Business The Arts The Medical Field Law Enforcement Legal Fields

Education The Sciences Gaming Homes 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 5 Computers in Business Point of Sale Terminals Tracking merchandise Data mining 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

6 Computers in Farming and Ranching Assist in managing complex farming business and information systems RFID tags track and record animals in case of diseases Computerized sensors and equipment activation protect crops 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 7

Computers in the Arts Virtual art Virtual dance 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 8 Computers in the Medical Field Virtual reality in medical applications Patient simulator Da Vinci Surgical System 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 9

Computers in Law Enforcement Computer forensics 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 10 Computers in the Legal Fields Surveillance cameras Forensic animation 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 11

Computers in Education Computers in the classroom Distance education Computerized research The Internet 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 12 Computers and the Sciences Supercomputers Archeology Meteorology

2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 13 Computers in Sports Training Timing and scorekeeping Data storage and statistics Smartballs sense when soccer goals are scored 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

14 Computer Gaming Careers Programming 3D animation 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 15 Computers at Home Robotics Smart appliances Internetconnected

refrigerator 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. Robomower 16 Technology of Tomorrow Nanoscience Biomedical chip implants Artificial Intelligence 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 17

Nanoscience Molecules and nanostructures Nanomachines Fluid flow inside Nanomachines 5.4n m Four--helix protein scaffold 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 18

Biomedical Chip Implants Technological solutions to physical problems Identity chips Retinal Implants VeriChip 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 19 Artificial Intelligence Robots Neurons vs. Microchips

2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 20 Challenges Facing a Digital Society Computer use ethics Privacy risks Personal data collection Monitoring e-mail Copyright infringement Software piracy 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

21 Becoming Computer Fluent Data processing Bits and bytes Computer hardware Computer software 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 22

Computers are Data Processing Devices Four major functions: Input data Process data Output information Store data and information DATA IN INFORMATION OUT 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 23

Bits and Bytes: The Language of Computers Bit Binary digit 0 or 1 Microchip Switch Byte OFF ON

0 1 Eight bits ASCII Each byte represents a letter, number or special character =4 0 0 1

1 0 1 0 0 =A 0 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1

0 0 0 0 0 1 24 Computer Hardware

Input devices System unit Output devices Storage devices 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 25 Input Devices Enter data to be processed

Keyboard Scanners Mouse Trackball Touch screen Microphone Game controller Digital camera

D C B A T h e r ai ni n S p a in 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

26 System Unit Cabinet that houses all components Motherboard CPU Memory modules System Unit CPU Memory

Module Motherboard 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 27 Output Devices Enable us to see or hear the processed information Monitor Speakers Printers 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

28 Storage Devices Enable us to store data or information to be accessed again Hard Disk Drive Floppy Disk CD / DVD Drive Flash Drive 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 29

Computer Software Software - programs that enable the hardware to perform different tasks Application software Tools for getting things done 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 30 Computer Software System software Essential for platform operation and support

2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 31 Computer Hardware System Unit Peripheral Devices System Unit Peripheral Devices 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 32 Input Devices

Devices used to enter information or instructions into the computer Keyboard Mouse / pointing device Microphone Scanner Digital camera

2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. Scanner 33 Keyboard The QWERTY keyboard is standard on most PCs Enhanced features include number, function and navigation keys. 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

34 Dvorak Keyboard Puts the most commonly used keys at home keys Reduces distance of finger stretches 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 35 Specialty Keyboards

Laptops PDAs Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Laptop PDA Ergonomic 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 36

Mouse Rollerball mouse Less expensive Harder to keep clean Standard Trackball Wireless Harder to control Stationary on desk Optical mouse Needs no mouse pad

Doesnt need cleaning More expensive Trackball Optical Game pads Buttons and pointing devices 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 37 Other Input Devices Handheld

Scanners Text Images Digital cameras Flatbed Images Video Camera 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. Camcorder 38

Output Devices Retrieving information from the computer Output devices Softcopy (video, sounds, control signals) Hardcopy (print) 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 39 Monitor Types CRT Cathode Ray Tube LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Less expensive Use much more space Uses more energy Better viewing angles 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

More expensive Uses far less space More energy efficient Less viewable from an angle 40 Other Video Output Touch-screen monitors double as both input and output devices. Data projectors project a computer image to a large screen for sharing with large groups. 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

41 Printers Impact printers Inkjet Dot-matrix Nonimpact printers Inkjet Laser Multifunction Specialty printers

Plotters Thermal printers Dot-matrix Laser Multifunction Plotter Thermal printer 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 42 Nonimpact Printers Inkjet

Less expensive device Full color printing Slower in pages per minute (PPM) 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. Laser More expensive device Black and White (Color lasers are very expensive) Faster in PPM 43

Outputting Sound Speakers and Headphones 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 44 The System Unit Box that contains the central electronic components of the computer: CPU/RAM/ motherboard

Expansion cards Power supply Storage devices 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 45 The Front Panel Drive bays Memory card reader Floppy drive Productivity ports Power button

2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 46 The Back Ports for peripheral devices Types of ports: Serial Parallel VGA USB Connectivity 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

47 Inside the System Unit Essential electronic components used to process data Types of components:

Power supply Hard disk drive Motherboard CPU Expansion cards 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 48 The Motherboard CPU RAM Expansion cards Chip set

Built-in components 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 49 Expansion Cards Adds functions Provides new connections for peripheral devices Common types: Sound Modem Video (VGA) Network (NIC)

2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 52 Hard Disk Drive Stores data and program instructions Permanent (nonvolatile) storage Storage capacities up to 250 GB and higher Transfers data in milliseconds 2008 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 53

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