Using Lexiles to Manage Reading Comprehension Intended Accomplishments

Using Lexiles to Manage Reading Comprehension Intended Accomplishments

Using Lexiles to Manage Reading Comprehension Intended Accomplishments Deepen understanding of Lexiles Explore possible applications for Lexile resources Apply Lexile data to instructional practice

Examine Lexile laddering 2 I use Lexiles to support learners in a variety of ways. Not at all A A little

Some what Quite a bit Very much 3 What do we know about Lexiles? A 4

Lexile Question #1 What does Lexile measure? Both text difficulty and reader comprehension Lexile Question #2 How does Lexile measure text? By evaluating syntactic complexity and semantic difficulty Lexile Question #3 How are student Lexile scores determined?

They are assessed through the MAP Reading test, linked to the RIT scale, though not a direct equivalency because literal comprehension and vocabulary skills are more heavily weighted in arriving at the Lexile scores Lexile Question #4 Where can student Lexile scores be found? On the Teacher and Class Reading Reports, the Online Individual Student Progress Report, in the Dynamic Reporting Suite Teacher Lexile Report and Student Booklist Report Lexile Question #5

What are three things Lexile doesnt evaluate? Any of these: genre, quality, theme, interest of student in topic, developmental appropriateness of content for the reader Lexile Doesnt Evaluate Genre: New genres may need more teacher support. Theme: A low/high Lexile score doesnt mean the books theme is appropriate for children.

Content: New content or topics may need to have new vocabulary and concepts pre-taught. Interest: Students may successfully read more difficult text if the material is of high-interest to them. Quality: Lexile doesnt evaluate how well-written or engaging a book will be. 10

A Lexile Range Represents NWEA RIT Lexile 750L 205 700L 600L } Guided Instruction (+50) 75% Comprehension } Independent (-100)

11 Lexile Codes BR Beginning Reading: Simple Books NC Non-Conforming Text: Semantics/Syntax advanced for content NP Non-Prose Text: 50% non-prose; plays, songs, or work without punctuation.

AD Adult Directed Text: Read aloud recommended IG M Illustrated Glossary: topical related Workbook p. 3 12 Lexile Literature 1700 - Discourse on the

Method 800 - The Adventures of Pinocchio 1400 - The Scarlet Letter 700 - Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery 1300 - Brown vs. Board of Ed. 600 - A Baby Sister for Frances 1200 - War and Peace 500 - The Magic School Bus

Inside the Earth 1100 - Pride and Prejudice 400 - Frog and Toad are Friends 1000 - Black Beauty 900 - Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders 300 - Cliffords Manners Lexile Map A M Frameworks Handout

13 Personal Use Aetna Health Care Discount Form (1360) Medical Insurance Benefit Package (1280) Application Federal for Student Loan (1270)

Tax Form W-4 (1260) Installing Your Child Safety Seat (1170) Microsoft Windows User Manual (1150) G.M. Protection Plan (1150) DVD Player Instructions (1080)

14 Web Resources Lexile Book Database Searchable index of trade books and textbooks in English and Spanish Lexile Analyzer Analyze .txt files Analyze student writing Lexile

Power Vocabulary Lexile Reading Pathfinders A Lexile Website Lexiles and Follett Lexiles and Follett Lexile Across Content Areas

Mathematics Science Social Studies Instructional Strategies: Provide supplemental reading materials and additional digital content Be cognizant of the lexile level textbooks and materials 18

Linking Lexiles to Teacher Reports Dynamic Reporting Suite Lexile Report Lexile Student Booklist M Workbook p. 38 19 Dynamic Reporting Suite: Lexile Report

M Workbook p. 38 20 Dynamic Reporting Suite: Teacher Resources Booklists generated automatically without going to the Lexile web site

M Workbook p. 38 21 Lexile Ladders Student Lexile levels can be laddered to create a resource document for lessons Instructional Strategies: Unit Planning

Special Media Education teachers Specialists Differentiated M Workbook p. 39-40 Instruction 22 Communicating with Parents Families Link

Support selection of appropriate content Vacation Variety reading lists of reading materials 23 Other Lexile Uses Generate

student booklists Examine library collections relative to student reading levels Code classroom libraries Individualized Education Plans Differentiated

Instruction Student Goal Setting 24 Reflection 1. How might you use resources available on the Lexile web site? 2. How can you support instruction in the classroom with this information?

3. What ideas might you have for using Lexiles in your school and district as well as individually? A 25 Sustaining the Momentum Consider how you will implement what youve learned

in the: Next month Next semester A M Next year Workbook p. 42 26

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