Simply….. How much we cost the NHS

Simply….. How much we cost the NHS

Simply.. How much does the NHS charge Gloria Middleton Westbourne Medical Group Housekeeping

Fire Alarms Toilets Fire Escapes Disabilities Why you have been invited How much of our budget

goes to the Hospital ? 1. Commissioning Groupss will be in place very soon 2. GP Practices WILL be responsible for ensuring they manage the budgets 3. Patients should be aware of how much treatment costs in the NHS 4. Patients should be aware of how we can work together to ensure we all as patients receive the best care with the best outcomes and what we can do by working together

5. To be more streetwise when we ourselves or a family member goes to hospital whether it be an out patient appointment or as an inpatient 6. Have the knowledge so enable us to manage ourselves better if not for now but certainly for in the future Lets have a look at the pathway of care

Payment process Hospital While in hospital the patient has an operation Patient from surgery goes to hospital

After discharge costs are calculated using PBR Statement is sent to PCT for payment. Soon it will be the CCGs

Surgery Cost is taken out of Surgery Practices Budget PCT

Accident & Emergency .. The true cost Minor Cost 59 Standard Cost

75 High Cost 117 How do we know

how much everything costs ? Business Information Reporting Tool To us known as .BIRT Some real examples

Male patient aged 53 Attends A&E and is admitted as an emergency patient Stays overnight The following Diagnoses recorded: J440 Chronic obstruct pulmonary dis with acute lower resp infec J189 Pneumonia, unspecified J459 Asthma, unspecified

Z720 Tobacco use Grouper allocated HRG code D39 - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or Bronchitis w cc How much do you think that cost? 1459

Example 2 Female patient admitted for planned surgery Stays for 4 nights The following procedure information was recorded: W371 Primary total prosthetic replacement hip joint using cement Z943 Left sided operation Grouper allocated HRG code: H80 - Primary Hip Replacement Cemented

How much do you think that cost? 5,220 9.4.2010 6.3.2011 Cost 33,321

25 contacts with hospital 10.4.2010 11.3.2011 24,543 9 Contacts (Hip replacement)

The Doctors are just getting a second opinion on the financial aspects of your treatment Mr Brown.. Prescribing Some practices are over budget Not only because of the Clinicians prescribe

BUT We have a lot of waste in the system. Prescribing costs March 2011 Actual Budget

Variance Dr 1 2,289,166.00

2,151,645.00 137,521.00 6.39%

Dr 2 1,103,556.00 1,165,530.00 61,974.00

5.32% Dr 3 1,709,171.00

1,571,881.00 137,290.00 8.73%

Dr 4 1,065,924.00 1,259,478.00 193,554.00

15.37% Dr 5 1,243,250.00

1,149,454.00 93,796.00 8.16% One thing we do know is

If a patient is sick they should be in hospital.. Without a doubt If a patient is well enough to be cared for in another way and they are blocking a sick patient going into hospital then we should be able to do something about it. What can you do to help

If you are seen by a Nurse instead of the Consultant question this Why: Because we are charged for you seeing a Consultant If you or someone you know has been in hospital and nothing has been done for 2 days question this Why: It could be that they are waiting for a Social Worker NOT ACCEPTABLE Notify your GP practice if you are admitted as an emergency more than 3 times for the same problem and no action taken

Why: Because every time you are admitted a new payment starts If you need to go to Minor Injuries or Accident & Emergency ask yourself .. Do you have a minor injury, have you had an accident.. Is it an Emergency ??? Why: Because 10 people not attending A&E could pay for a hip operation In General Practice our message is

We want you to get the best possible care We only want to pay for the service you receive Having our Patients understand the NHS Even though every day we hear we have paid our contributions We all need to work together to keep the NHS in the NHS WHAT NEXT ? Holding an event to inform all patients across Coalfields area

Invite other Organisations to have a stand Age Concern Alzheimers Association Carers Association Gentoo And any others you decide to have Funding for Event

Apply to Directors Den Who would do it? Something for you to think about ! So how much did you cost the NHS in 2010 /11 ?

Why not ask your Practice Manager for a breakdown Of your hospital costs !

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