WA529 WASHINGTONS 529 COLLEGE SAVINGS PLANS GUARANTEED EDUCATION TUITION (GET) PROGRAM DREAMAHEAD COLLEGE INVESTMENT PLAN TITLE WA529| January 2019 Presenters | Event | Date SUPPORTING FINANCIAL WELLNESS AND STUDENT SUCCESS WHAT IS WA529? WA529 is the brand name for Washington 529 College Savings Plans. Washington administers the GET Program and DreamAhead College Investment Plan under the WA529 brand. INITIATIVES

Raise Awareness Importance of saving. Benefits of saving early. Engaging with parents, students and others. Provide Education Learn more about 529 plans and how to integrate with other savings methods. Learn how savings and financial aid

support overall savings goals. Share Resources Written materials Website Social Media Community and Employer partnerships WHY SAVINGS MATTER Supports Student Success

Students with a college savings account in their name are more likely to finish college than those without one. Financial Wellness Modern US culture is debt-driven. National movement to flip the model to savings-driven culture. Reduce Loan Dependency Nationwide student loan debt at $1.4 trillion. Savings help reduce the total amount a student may need to borrow. WHAT IS A 529 PLAN? A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future college costs. 529 plans, legally known as qualified tuition plans, are sponsored by

states, state agencies, or educational institutions and are authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. WA529 PLANS OVERVIEW Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) Program DreamAhead College Investment Plan 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan Enrollment Period November - May 529 College Savings Plan Year-round Enrollment Plan growth tied to tuition growth at highest priced WA public university. Guarantee written into state law.

Plan growth tied to investment returns. Returns fluctuate with rates of the investments. Plan overseen by Committee on Advanced Tuition Payment Program and College Savings, managed by WSAC, and supported by State Investment Board and State Actuary. Plan overseen by Committee on Advanced Tuition Payment Program and College Savings, managed by Sumday Administration, LLC, and supported by WSAC. Funds can be transferred to another family member.

Student Beneficiary can be changed. Earnings grow tax free and remain tax free when used for qualified educational expenses. Earnings grow tax free and remain tax free when used for qualified educational expenses. WA529 PLANS OVERVIEW Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) Program DreamAhead College Investment Plan Unit System 100 = 1 Year

Investor chooses investment portfolio. State-backed guarantee to match future resident undergraduate tuition and statemandated fees at highest priced WA public university (not guaranteed to increase). Returns subject to investment performance and may lose value (no state-backed guarantee). Choose a contribution plan: - Lump Sum - Custom Monthly - Combination of both Investors can choose from: - Age-based plans that self-adjust from more aggressive to more conservative investments as a student ages;

- Risk-based fixed allocation portfolios that do not change over time; - A combination of portfolios. Lifetime maximum per beneficiary 600 units No additional contributions once account Student beneficiary can use up to 150 units balance reaches $500,000 for all WA529 per academic year. accounts (DreamAhead and GET) with the same beneficiary. GET ENROLLMENT & UNIT PRICE 2018-2019 GET open enrollment November 1 May 31. Unit price remains $113 through June 25, 2019. PAYROLL DEDUCTION

1) Employee sets up GET and/or DreamAhead account. 2) Employee completes a Payroll Deduction Authorization form from individual program. 3) Employee submits the form to their payroll office. 4) Links to Payroll Deduction Information and Forms https://www.dreamahead.wa.gov/search/node?keys=payroll+deduction https://www.get.wa.gov/employee-payroll-deduction PAYING EXPENSES FROM ACCOUNTS 1. Direct Payment Request The plan makes payment directly to the school for tuition, fees and/or on-campus room & board. 2. Reimbursement to Account Owner or Student Account Owner or student has paid eligible expenses out of pocket. Student can be reimbursed when Account Owner requests it.

3. Distributions and expenses must occur in same calendar year. TOP FOUR WHAT IFS Student gets a scholarship? Use for other expenses, hold and use another year, transfer to another family member, refund. Student decides not to go to college? Wait to use it, transfer to another family member, refund. Family moves out of state? Can continue to contribute and use as planned. Familys financial situation changes? Can change the plan or refund. Call Contact Center for options.

There are options! 11 COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS 1. Cannot afford to save. Any amount a family can save helps reduce the amount a student will have to borrow. 2. Savings prevent student from receiving financial aid or scholarships. In most cases, savings in a 529 plan are considered parental assets which is more beneficial than any other type of savings method. 3. Cannot use outside of the state or for other expenses. Funds in a 529 plan can be used at any public, private, community or technical/vocational institution nationwide and abroad. 4. If my student choose not to go to college, we lose our contributions. The account owner can wait to use it, transfer to another family member or take a refund.

FURTHER READING Guaranteed Education Tuition Program (learn about GET 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan) www.get.wa.gov DreamAhead College Investment Plan (learn about DreamAhead 529 College Investment Plan) www.DreamAhead.wa.gov Washington Student Achievement Council (learn about the agency that administers WA529

and financial aid programs) www.wsac.wa.gov; www.readysetgrad.org College Savings Plans Network (learn about 529 plans nationwide) www.collegesavings.org IRS Publication 970 (learn about 529 plan tax treatment and benefits) www.irs.gov/publications/p970 CONTACT INFORMATION GET Contact Center

[email protected], 800.955.2318 DreamAhead Customer Service www.dreamahead.wa.gov/contact-us , 844.529.5845 QUESTION S?

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