STEM 4033 Introduction to STEM Education 2019 STEM

STEM 4033 Introduction to STEM Education 2019 STEM

STEM 4033 Introduction to STEM Education 2019 STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, &

Mathematics Science Discover and describe A better understanding of life (What is) Technology Invent and innovate Improving the natural world

Engineering Control, modify, or design materials, processes, and systems What could be Mathematics Symbolic language for representing reality Making sense of the world with numbers

4 Pillars of STEM STEM is an approach to teaching thats larger than its constituent parts STEM removes the traditional barriers erected between the four disciplines, by integrating the four subjects into one

cohesive curriculum The STEM Challenge STEM Jobs According to the U.S. Department of Education, all STEM jobs in the U.S. will increase 14 percent

between now and 2020, accounting for millions of positions. Yet, data shows that 3 million of those jobs will go unfilled. Considering a Job in STEM Only 16 percent of American high school seniors are proficient and interested in a STEM career.

Partly because of this, the U.S. ranks 25th in math and 17th in science among industrialized nations. The Problem Just as the nations economic engines and national security measures have come to rest squarely on the shoulders of science,

technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), American students are recoiling from these disciplines in record numbers. Current State OF STEM Many students not receiving an adequate STEM education

Focus often on specialty or magnet high schools STEM subjects not taught everyday in many schools 29% of K-5 teachers report teaching science two or fewer days per week The STEM Challenge

In their current form, schools: Emphasize solving problems correctly not creatively! 20 year process of minimizing creativity Tests, grades, college admission, degrees, etc. are emphasized

Target and reward Logical thinkers Factual competence Math and science skill Preparation for Life

STEM prepares students for life, regardless of the profession they choose to follow. STEM teaches students how to think critically and how to solve problems skills that can be used throughout life. The Critical Part of STEM

Improved STEM programs can create individuals capable of new solutions and better decisions Increased science and math capability is not enough Experiences centered on design, innovation, engineering, and technology increase creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity, and

imagination capabilities These characteristics are fostered in STEM centered learning experiences The STEM Challenge A Tall Order

Preparing the next-generation to succeed in life is a tall order. And, we will substantially fail if we dont teach children how to think critically and solve ill-structured problems. STEM doesnt have to be

expensive Connecting Literature w/STEM Implementing STEM PBL & STEM in Action

Pre-service Teachers Develop STEM Lessons Developing/Testing STEM Curricula

Currently, STEM is Not A Focal Point Today, PK-12 education does not focus enough on teaching children to solve real world problems and is not interdisciplinary, nor collaborative enough in its approach

What We Need in Schools

STEM content integrated in all courses; More engaged learning/less lecture; More Ill-structured problem solving; More strategies that cause students to seek STEM content answers; More underrepresented populations engaging in STEM; and,

More collaborative learning experiences. We Need to Emphasize Critical thinking Problem solving ability development Leadership/teamwork development Ethics and responsibility

Invention, imagination, and ingenuity Communication skill development The Inclusion of Engineering Design Why is this important? Invention and innovation Generate & research ideas

Source of Ideas? Interrogating our Personal Bank of Knowledge (Mental Warehouse) Existing Common Body of Knowledge Quality of the Design?

Different points of view Message from STEM Kids How do we Change the Status Quo? First, recognize that there is a problem.

Too many Americans don't see the real-life value of STEM. The U.S. economic advantage is centered on our ability to innovate/create new ideas Integrated STEM education can supply that product.

Innovation is what allows the U.S. to compete. Creating new marketable ideas starts with STEM education. What do STEM Teachers Do? STEM teachers pose problems and combine

problem solving with project-based learning across disciplines. Developing students critical thinking, communication, assessment, and inquiry skills. Using Real-World Problems

Real-world problem-solving is the essence of STEM lessons. Solving real-world problems causes students to use/expand higher-order thinking skills. Identifying creative, real-world problems for students is the essence of STEM teaching.

Good STEM Lessons Accomplish these things: 1. Apply math/science through authentic, hands-on learning 2. Include the use/creation of technology 3. Require the use of the engineering design loop 4. Require collaborative teamwork

5. Emphasize math/science/technology standards 6. Address real-world problems What do Students Gain?

Creativity Thinking on their feet, outside the box. Confidence Building confidence needed to thrive in a competitive workplace. Problem Solving Without realizing it, students are consistently challenged to solve problems. This develops skills in reasoning and understanding.

What do Students Gain? Focus Balancing listening/contributing involves a great deal of concentration/focus. Communication Defending ideas/theories is a core skill and one that is required throughout life. Receiving Constructive Feedback Feedback is part of

learning/part of life (not everyone gets a trophy!) What do Students Gain? Collaboration Students work together, share responsibility, and compromise with others to accomplish a common goal. Dedication Students practice developing healthy work

habits (on-time, prepared, respecting the contributions of others). Accountability Understanding that their actions affect other people.

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