Managing the system of competences of Nuclear Regulatory body

Managing the system of competences of Nuclear Regulatory body

Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service State Supervision and Control of the Safety of Power Engineering Facilities in the Russian Federation Nikolay Kutin Chairman CEOC Conference May 30, 2011 Warsaw 2 Structure of Rostechnadzor HEADQUARTERS Functional Departments (5)

Industrial Supervision Departments (6) Nuclear Supervision Departments (2) TERRITORIAL DEPARTMENTS Interregional territorial Departments for Nuclear and Radiation Safety Supervision (7) Departments for Industrial and Environmental Supervision (31)

JURISDICTIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Scientific and Technical Support Organizations Analytical Laboratories 3 Supervised Power Engineering Facilities Structure of Legislative Framework of Safety System for Power Engineering Facilities Constitution of the Russian Federation Federal Legislative Acts and International Agreements Regulatory Legal Acts of the President and the Government Federal Codes and Standards, Technical Regulations, National

Standards GOST-R, Mandatory Certification (OIT System), etc. Documents by State Safety Regulatory Authorities Standards and Rules by Self-regulated Organizations, GOST-R Voluntary Certification 4 5 Assessment of Compliance Implemented within the compliance assessment systems. Performed by the accredited organizations. Performed in the areas of: - industrial safety - nuclear and radiation safety - power engineering safety - construction safety

CERTIFICATION is a basic tool to acknowledge assessment of compliance Voluntary Certification Mandatory Certification Implemented in accordance with the regulatory requirements Conducted in the GOST-R system for safety related products, activities and services Carried out by authorized independent certification bodies Conducted within authorized assessment

systems for equipment, products and technologies supplied to NPPs Carried out by independent certification bodies accredited in such systems Implemented within GOST-R and ISO certification systems Conducted for products, activities and services requiring no safety assessment under law Organized when initiated by producers and vendors of products, activities and services, or at customers request

Carried out by authorized certification bodies 6 Schedule for Control and Supervision Actions , Thank you for your attention! 7

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