Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Heading Comparative Text People have more freedom to do Spend three minutes writing what they want than they did your reaction to this statement. one or two hundred years ago. Objective

To engage in pre-reading exercises so to get you excited. To introduce and promote reflective response reading journals.

To introduce a new text one part at a time. A Dolls House Write down three words which come to mind when you read this title. Prop Box Before you are an assortment of items linked to the story. In groups decide on the kind of characters to whom these belong. Be specific likely characters,

likely kind of story etc. Spend 4 MINUTES examining the objects, discussing ideas and 4 minutes writing them down. Someone from each group shall then talk about what they deduced (so have something written everyone bulletpoints). Using the warm-up exercise, the title, the props and these A picture is supposed to tell a thousand words. What do these pictures reveal about the story. Reference at least 3 covers in your

covers, spend two minutes writing theanswer. most detailed prediction you can? The comparative text is all about what you think or believe. Questions will look like this: What aspects of the setting did you find interesting? How did that relationship capture your interest?

What made the main character interesting? What did you learn? (Theme) As we go through the text, well explain things and discuss stuff. The questions I give will highlight aspects of the characters, settings or themes. Thats not going to be as effective as Plan A though. The reflective response reading journal Homework journals -Get RRR Journal. Whatever size (Write or colour

youdown) want is fine. Rules these No one may read another persons journal without their permission (not even the teacher). No one can force anyone to write something particular in their journal (not even the teacher). No one shall be forced to tell the class what they wrote. Time given to writing in the journal during class is sacred and is to be treated with the utmost respect. Sign your name then

Lets start reading Were going to read from page 1-7 now. There are two characters, a man and a woman.

As the teacher, I shall read the narration and stage directions. We shall need voice talent however for the characters. Characters Who can act like an arrogant, all-knowing, condescending B****** who most of you shall want to hit?

Who can act like a air-headed, featherbrained, spoilt little girl who like cookies? What questions come to mind? Write down a list of questions you would like to know the answers to.

Any who, what, why, when, where, how question. They can be about the past, the present or the future. I now open the floor to allow the class to answer or predict answers to each others questions.

Henrick Ibsen His friends often compared him to an angry badger. Introduction Torvald Helmer has many nicknames for his wife. What are they and what do they imply about Nora?

P.E.E. P.Q.E. S.E.R. Use quotes (Page ?)

Can you think of any similar nicknames? (shorter answers) Would you like to be called these things? Why or why not? MONEY Nora and Helmer had two contrasting views about money.

Find a quote which sums up their views on money. No homework first day back On Wednesday were going to read up to page 15 and expect lots of homework

Nora and Mrs. Linde Reflection questions If I could change one thing straight away, it would be..........

........ should stay exactly how it is.

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