FM - An ECA Perspective

FM - An ECA Perspective

RAPMAN-PRIMA: The New Frontiers Fiduciary Forum March 2008 Overview Prima: Development Status Prima: What is it? Prima: Statistics & Usage Prima: Changes

Prima: Remaining Challenges Prima: The New Frontiers Development Status Risk And Portfolio Management System (RAPMAN] went live in ECA & MNA in April 2004 Portfolio and Risk Management System [PRIMA] developed for AFR, EAP, LCR & SAR in March 2007` Corruption Risk Module (ECA) in January 2007

Implementation of PRIMA since July 2007 FM Notes on PRIMA: Systematic Tracking Highlights Risks and Aligns Resources published July 2007 Ongoing enhancements Risk Management is a balancing act Why Risk Management in FM?

What is Rapman-Prima? An integrated Intranet-based web application consisting of 2 modules FM risk database for all investment operations Portfolio management Interfaces with other operational systems (e.g. SAP, ISR, ARCS)

FM Risk Management - Overview Using qualitative/quantitative approach Risk based approach, managing risks throughout project Systematic workflows on fiduciary controls in response to IDA 14 Control Review Supports risk-based approach to the allocation of FM resources Clearly defined roles

o o o o Country FMS to identify risk and recommend mitigation measures QA FMS assists country FMS on risk management Peer review on complex or specialized projects High risk projects require review by FM Manager

Offers a rich data source for useful data-mining The Risk Model International Best Practices COSO Framework PCN Appraisal/Supervision Supervision Inherent Risk Control Risk Detection

Risk Inherent Risk: Risks associated with the country, sector, entity, and project inherent to a project Control Risk: Risks controlled and managed by the Borrower Detection (Supervision) Risk: Risks which can be managed through the Banks supervision efforts Portfolio Management Module Monitoring of ISR FM and FP ratings, and comparison

with FMS proposals Tracking of FMRs/IFRs Tracking of use of country system Tracking of FM requirements confirmation of DPL tranche releases, FM supervision issues, and operational reviews Monitoring of supervision effort (frequency, resources, scope) Links to ARCS information Facilitating data mining of portfolio FM performance

Workflow All investment operations flow from SAP daily update Risk ratings updated at each of the following stages PCN, Negotiations, Board, on-site supervision, ad hoc events Risk-based clearance required pre-Negotiations, preBoard, and for each supervision (FMS, QA FMS, FM Manager) E-mail reminders prior to Negotiations, Board, planned supervision dates

System records history of risk ratings and clearances throughout the project cycle Exception/management reports generated and reviewed on a regular basis Risk Information Updated Statistics of Usage (3 weeks) Major Recent Changes

Performance Improvement Customized welcome page Flexible workflow arrangements Minimum controls on risk rating in Prima IDF projects in risk and portfolio module Enhanced and customized reports Coming Changes Inclusion of PCN stage in risk assessment Supplemental projects linkage

Flexible FMR start date Clearance history for project Region specific reports On going performance improvement Remaining Challenges Continuous Performance Improvement Migration to OPCFM an institutional system Trust Fund Institutional and dashboard reports

Loading and verifying risk and portfolio data Monitoring risk and portfolio performance Integrated fiduciary project reports ? Integration with Banks systems procurement, disbursement, project portal, ISR, ARCS The New Frontiers 1st risk based operational system Pioneering systematic fiduciary risk and

portfolio management From regional developed system to an institutional system (October 2008) Managing corruption risk? Integrated fiduciary system? Other opportunities ..

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