EHS EDF - MIT Media Lab

EHS EDF - MIT Media Lab

Trialog EHS Technology Paris, Oct 1999 Trialog EHS Technology Home Systems Products and Services Energy Management Remote Metering Home Services PHONE REMOTE SYSTEM LIGHTING DIMMER INFORMATION ON SCREEN GAS CONTROL


WASHING MACHINE TEMPERATURE SENSOR High Speed Multi Media Bus Low Speed TP, Power Line & RF LAN Trialog EHS Technology PC ALARM SENSOR History Trialog EHS Technology Projects Trialog is an instrumental player in a number of projects focused on Home Networking Metering Sockets Tele Diagnostic FT Tldomotis

ETHOS : Electrical Metering Load Management GAP : Gas Appliances CHABLIS : Low-cost intelligent sockets Trialog EHS Technology Metering Sockets Analysing Power Usage 600 1 10 2 8 4 9 400 3

7 6 200 5 0 Metering Sockets : Detect Starting time and the consumption per 15 mn A BOX records information Trialog EHS Technology 50 12 20

11 PC monitors statistics Freezer / Fridge consumption Trialog EHS Technology FT Tldomotis : Telco Gateway E u r o p e a n R e s id e n t ia l G a t e w a y IS D N T e le c o m N e tw o rk s G SM e tc ... M anagem ent M TH CENELEC ! IT D -R F

EH S IT D H om e B us E IB ED T IE E E 1 3 9 4 A D A P T I O N PSTN ED ED

ED H om e B us ED T LO N ED H om e B us ED T e t c ... ED T Trialog EHS Technology ED H om e B us ED ETHOS: European Utilities In UK, France, Italy, and Denmark electricity meters will supply the same type

of Information Tariff Economy-level Index, etc. Heaters, Hot Water, Domestic Appliances can use this information Trialog EHS Technology GAP: Gas Utilities Controller Development of Gas Enabler Infrastructure to promote Gas usage. Heating Zone 1 Radiator Valve Gas based heating is widely used in Europe More confort, More security,

Less comsumption Boiler Heating Zone 2 Thermostat Gas Meter Interface Gas Meter EHS Powerline Network Trialog EHS Technology Chablis: Low-Cost Intelligent Sockets Intelligent Sockets Addresses a large market Large markets mean lower costs Up to 40% cost reduction Mono-Directional Bi-Directional

Trialog EHS Technology Trialog EHS Road Map 1992 : Trialog in EHS Components ESPRIT project 1994 : Implementation of EHS < 10 KB First EHS software on one microprocessor 1995 : Decision to deliver the software as a library Development of a new library : EHSLite Tests Environment, Certification 1996 : Financial Investment and Products Complexity : several Media, Micro, Standardisation, Convergence with EIB and BBus. Trialog EHS Technology Initial Available Specification Plug & Play ! Application House Address Registration Enrolment

Process Network Management Application Layer 7 Layer Management Network Layer 3 Data Link Layer 2 Physical Layer 1 Application Table Directory Route Medium Access Rule Power Line Signal Processing medium dependant Trialog EHS Technology Convergence Migration Strategy EHS Application, EHS Plug & Play, EHS Power Line unchanged

Application Process 1 Network Management Plug & Play Application Process 2 Network Management Network Management Easy Installation System Installation Application Layer Application Layer Command Langage Shared Variable EHS v1.3 Network Layer

BBus Layer 2 PL Layer 2 TP0 Layer 2 TP1 Layer 2 RF Layer 1 PL Layer 1 TP0 Layer 1 TP1 Layer 1 RF Trialog EHS Technology EIBus EHS 1.3 to A-Mode Migration Strategy Minor changes in API No change in Hardware

API API Application Network Management Application Process Network Management Easy Installation Network Management Plug & Play Application Layer Command Langage Application Layer 7 Shared Variable Network Layer Network Layer 3 Data Link Layer 2

Layer 2 PL Layer 2 TP0 Layer 2 TP1 Layer 2 RF Physical Layer 1 Layer 1 PL Layer 1 TP0 Layer 1 TP1 Layer 1 RF Hardware Hardware Trialog EHS Technology Trialog Libraries Approach Library tested on

thousands of test cases ensures interoperability eases development short time to market ensures compatibility PC A library includes the FULL EHS Protocol Only the necessary part of the protocol is included in a node Trialog EHS Technology The Library Approach Avantages To address : Technology dimensions Evolution of specification Interoperability and Conformance Reliability / Performance / Optimisation Which lamp to switch on ? It was simpler before !.... Trialog provides to Manufacturers

EHS Technology : Libraries, Tools, Support, Training Trialog EHS Technology Libraries for Embedded System Applications 8051 H8 ST7 EHSLite for Low-End Appliances 6K ROM , 150 RAM EHSLiteRx for Receive-Only Appliances 3K ROM , 100 RAM Application CallBacks Application CallBacks Object Oriented

programming Board BoardSupport SupportPackage Package modem ST7537 Board BoardSupport SupportPackage Package modem ST7537 Trialog EHS Technology Application Programming Interface (API) House Address management Delay Management Create HA

Start Delay Distribute HA Delay Notification Obtain existing HA Remove Delay Address Management Communication Management Start Registration Send Message over network Registration Notification Receive Message Add / Remove Group Address Layer 2 acknowledgement

Application Remote Application Table Management Start Enrolment Verify Entry Validity API Library Add / Remove Entry Save table in NVRAM Trialog EHS Technology Library for PC Windows EHS-WinLib : an EHS library for Windows 95 Visual C++ Reliable Connection with serial link to a EHS PL box For the development of Controller / Tester User Interface / Internet Gateway Trialog EHS Technology Development Kit Internal or external RAM

Internal or external ROM Flash memory or UV PROM, Support for I2C EEPROM Power Line interface Modem 7537 HS-1 Rx and Tx LED indicators RS-232 serial link Access ports of the micro-controller 2 user push buttons, 2 user LEDs, 1 reset button Several Power Line tests points Support for the use of any standard emulator 12 jumpers for configuration Trialog EHS Technology A Powerful Development Tool EHS-Simul runs EHS Applications on a simulated network AND a real network before they are embedded on a board Trialog EHS Technology

EHS-Simul Windows Trialog EHS Technology Marketing Actions Promotion with STMicroelectronics (Power line modem) CENELEC EHS Books Active in Standardisation Chairman of EHS Technical Group Chairman of Convergence Plug & Play Group Member of Convergence System Group Partnership with Utilities / White Goods manufacturers Trialog EHS Technology Research and Development Short-term R & D Product oriented Optimisation, Tests, New Library versions Convergence with Building Mgt Medium-term R& D New technologies com. real-time New markets and services Internet Technology

RF and HAVI Long-term R & D Embedded Java High Speed PL Trialog EHS Technology End-to-End Connection User Server (Web, CTI,..) Internet Tel Cable ISDN xDSL After-Sale Service Trialog EHS Technology


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