Childsmile CPD -

Childsmile CPD -

Childsmile Development Session SDCEP Oral Health Guidance Quality Education for a Healthier Scotland Learning Outcomes

Address and improve delivery skills in the key oral health messages Identify the up to date SDCEP guidance caries prevention by age and become competent in delivering this advice to families

Reflect on the impact communication has with building rapport with families and supporting positive health behaviour change Summarise positive interaction when working with children

Session Outline Icebreaker

Myths and stories Key oral health messages

Standard/Enhanced prevention Action planning

Policy Putting into practice

Behaviour management Ice breaker Muddled Messages Myths and Stories

Write down on a sticky note one story or myth about oral health you have come across and place on flipchart. Feedback & confer What are the Key Oral Health Messages? Tooth brushing

Diet Fluoride Dentist Advice giving

Key oral health messages in more detail Caries Prevention Reminder by Age Key Oral Health Message Reduce the consumption and especially the frequency of intake of foods and drinks containing sugar

Childsmile programme manual Stephan curve Childsmile programme manual

Eatwell plate A range of suitable Snacks and drinks from the eat well plate Key Oral Health Message

Visit the dentist regularly or as advised for oral examinations. Childsmile programme manual Dental Visits What Does SDCEP Say? Manage Pain

Caries Prevention Manage Caries Children should visit the dentist at least every six months Adults at least once a year unless advised otherwise by the dentist

Benefits of dental visit Acclimatisation Opportunity to Promote Key Oral Health Messages Other Settings/Organisations Collaboration/ Partnership Working

Key Oral Health Message Participate in Public Health programmes, which improve oral health such as Childsmile Childsmile programme manual

Evidence based guidance Fluoride and ways of administering Discuss with group the questions below

What is fluoride? What ways can you administer fluoride? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Key Oral Health Message Brush teeth thoroughly twice a day with fluoride toothpaste; containing at least 1000ppm. Spit, dont rinse.

Childsmile programme manual Specific advice Tooth brushing

Size of tooth brush Amount of tooth paste Length of time

Positioning Whats it all about? Discuss your oral health session and what is involved Is there opportunity to provide preventative advice?

Standard Prevention/ Enhanced Prevention Standard Enhanced ALL children

For children assessed as at increased caries risk Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme

Prevention and management of dental caries Defining Needs and Developing a personal care plan Assessing the child

parent/carer motivation Patient history Clinical examination Caries risk assessment Managing pain Caries prevention Providing additional support

Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme Motivating and Action planning Randomised controlled trial of a one-minute intervention changing oral self-care behaviour Sniehotta F, Soars VA and Dombrowski S

Group Work 0-1 years Caries Prevention Summary

4-5 years 2-3 years More Resources Care Checklist Prevention Log

SDCEP and Childsmile Toothbrushing Chart Food diaries Group work - Session Planning When setting an Action plan for a parent - consider the following Imagine your parent;

Does not know much about looking after teeth Does not know why baby teeth are important

Does not want to force her 2 year old to brush (she doesnt like it) Thinks electric tooth brushes are better Thinks baby Ribena is a healthy thirst quencher Feedback Questions Things to consider when working with families

Communication Techniques Benefits of action planning (Parent ) Changing Behaviours

Non compliance with the Action plan What options do you have if there is doubt about this? The getting it right for every child approach Putting it into practice Case study scenario

What are the challenges? In what ways can you gain parents confidence when working with their child? Behave Project Verbal and non-verbal behaviours Instruction

Information giving Praise Behavioural management

Building Rapport Relaxation Giving control Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme

Building rapport Good patient care Maintain effective communication

Giving control Rehearse a signal to stop Relaxation

Why relaxation? Anxiety What is it? Relaxation breathing technique for children Summarise

Key oral health messages Standard/enhanced care Action planning Non compliance with action plan Building on your communication skills Ways of working with children Evaluation & Further Information

Next step Introduction to Brief Interventions CPD course Resource List SDECP guidance

Oral Health and Nutrition Guidance for Professionals Childsmile Relaxation

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