Canada and the Second World War - Bienvenue à la page de ...

Canada and the Second World War - Bienvenue à la page de ...

Canada and the Second World War (ppt2) Canadian History 1201 Unit 5 The War in Europe When Britain entered the War - Canada no longer bound by British Actions Athenia (boat carrying >500 Canadian passengers) sunk by German U-Boats on Sept 3 1939 What is this similar to? A short war was not predicted Canadians were not as enthusiastic to join the cause like they were in WWI

SS Athenia The First Shots of the Battle of the Atlantic The War in Europe Technological developments - new kind of war No Mans Land = part of the past Better maneuverability The Battlefield now includes all of the enemys territory and radar in Jet aircrafts New technologies Long-range bombers Faster tanks Motorized forces Men & women trained as cryptologists (development of secret codes to send orders to troops)

New method of defense Radar helped battle German Air Force A WWII DUKW Landing Canadian Soldiers and the Beginning of the War In 1939 Canada was not prepared to fight a war Before 1942 few Canadians actually engaged in Battle (due to poor weather and Germanys efforts lying within Europe The Dieppe Raid Dieppe = French Coast Aug 19, 1942 (6000 allied soldiers - mostly Canadian) launched an attack on the beaches Said to have served no purpose but Canadians got valuable experience

Diverted attention from eastern front D-day - Invasion of Normandy (p209) June 6, 1944 Operation Overload Plan was not a complete success German Gun Positions knocked out by bombing Canadians suffered 1074 casualties 359 deaths The landing was however considered a success - The Allies now had a foothold in Europe - now just to push back German armies!

The Royal C anadian Navy contrib uted 110 ships and 1 0,000 sailors in su pport of the landings Canadian Involvement around the World Dec. 7, 1941 Japan entered the war by attacking Pearl Harbour, at this time

they also attacked Hong Kong Hong Kong - was a British island colony Canadians supported British and Indian Forces in Hong Kong Canada had 1975 troops in Hong Kong Able to keep Japanese out until they ran out of ammunition and were forced to surrender (Dec 22, 1941) A lot of Canadian lives lost in Hong Kong - as well as Canadian prisoners of war Japanese Canadians and Pearl Harbour Japanese attack Pearl Harbour (1941) Canada feared an attack on their Western Front All Japanese Canadians were shipped to interior BC

Canadians did not want those of Japanese descent to help hold an attack from within December 8, 1941 Yesterday, D ecember 7, 1 941 a date wh ich will live in infamy the United State s of America was

suddenly and deliberately a ttacked by na val and air forces of the Empire of Japan. -- Address to Congress afte r the attack on Pearl Harbou r

Japanese Canadians While Japanese Canadians at the home front were forced into internment camps, others were fighting with Canada overseas Japanese Canadians and Pearl Harbour Read page 237-239 in your textbook Answer question 3 on p. 240 of the text A road crew of interned men building the Yellowhead Highway Wartime restriction & access Wartime hysteria and propaganda

Japanese Canadians were at the end of most of this hysteria and harsh treatment 100 000 other canadians forced to register as enemy aliens 650 in internment camps - aliens 1800 others in these camps who were danger to the state Pro-Nazi groups rounded up and reprimanded Canadas Nazi Party - outlawed in 1940 12 000 Canadians conscientious objectors due to religious beliefs Jehovahs Witness Religion outlawed during the war (King's way of supporting the Catholic Church /Quebec ) - lifted before the end of the war Wartime restriction & access Black & Aboriginal Soldiers served in all major campaigns of WWII Black Americans volunteered and fought with Canadian troops

Aboriginal people not considered Canadian Citizens had to get government permission to enlist - these people had to give up their Native status Nevertheless 3000 Aboriginal people enlisted Until 1942 Government ignored employer restrictions on Black Employees Second World War gave rise to a higher demand for civil rights. . Why do you think that is? The Conscription Crisis (p.231/2) PM King did not want WWII to divide French & English 1939: election promise to not introduce conscription for service overseas NRMA (national resources mobilization act) Government passed in 1940

Young men called up for 30 days training later changed to 4 months Difference between them and regular army - known as Zombies 1942: King asked for a plebiscite (vote) to release from his previous promise since casualties were so high Quebeckers saw this as a betrayal By 1944 King was told he had to send conscripts Riots in Quebec stemmed from this HOWEVER Canada emerged from WWII much more united than they had been in WWI

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