Brown Bag Session - East Carolina University

Brown Bag Session - East Carolina University

Search Engines HIMA 4160 Fall 2008 Agenda Components of Search Engine Boolean Search

Advance Features of Google What is web search engine? Why do we need search engine?

Which search engine do you usually use to search information online? report.aspx?qprid=4

What are in the deep web?

Dynamic webpages Un-indexed webpages Frequently updated webpages. Facebook etc. Do you think your personal page can be

searched on Google? Yes No Maybe Send your website to Google Search Engines Crawler Indexer

Query processor Search Engines Indexer Indexed webpage

saved in database Query processor Web

Web Crawler Fetch webpages from the Internet Web Crawler

East Carolina University Web Crawler A computer program that can send http request to various websites

Can follow the hyperlinks to continuously visit WebPages Similar to a web browser Also called spider or web robot. Google Server

Indexing How to build the Index Robot computer program to visit from webpage to webpage through hyperlinks.

You can also submit an URL to Google After visit a page, a snap shot is store on the search engines server Index file is created words, frequency, URL and other useful information

Interface Interface (Yahoo) Interface (askjeeves)

Interface (Bing) Whats in common? How Google Process a Query

Boolean AND OR NOT

female AND student female OR student

NOT female (NOT female) AND (NOT student) Lets tweak it (Google)

health information management health AND information AND management

health OR information OR management health information management Basic Google search features Choose search term Usually 1 3 words

Capitalization NOT case sensitive Automatic and query Health Information Management = Health AND

Information AND Management Automatic exclusion of common words Where, when, in, single digits, single numbers Basic Google Search Features

Word variation Diet, dietary Phrase search Health Information Management

Negative terms bass -music I am feeling lucky First thing in the list Advanced Google Search

Site search health information management Filetype search Health information management filetype:pdf

+ search Star Wars Episode + I Synonym search ~food ~fact

Advanced Google Search Features OR search vocation London OR Paris Number range search DVD player $100..$200

Wild card search East * university Advanced Google Operator cache: link: related: info: Advanced Google operator

define: define:health stocks:

stocks:GOOG allintitle: allintitle: health information management intitle:

intitle:health information management allinurl: allinurl:ecu hsim

Inurl: Inurl:ecu hsim Other things Google can do


Calculator Translator Scholar Shopper Usher Map

Instant messaging Switchboard Many more article2/0,1895,1858681,00.

asp. Additional Information Rank how do you know which link is

important? Before Google Conventional information retrieval After Google Link analysis Link Analysis

Page Rank Google Bomb Miserable failure Defused by Google in 2006 due to algorithm

changes Googles business model How to make money from search? Googles business model Click stream

Pay by clicks Google become the Information Portal Google become the portal to information of the world How scary is it?

Do no evil Tips for Efficient Search Be clear about what sort of page you seek Think about what type of organization might publish the page you want

List terms that are likely to appear on the pages you are looking for Assess the results Consider a two pass strategy Summary

Three parts of search engine How indexer work How query processor work

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