Active Literacy in Rochsolloch Primary - LT Scotland

Active Literacy in Rochsolloch Primary - LT Scotland

Active Literacy Stage 2 & 3 Taught Writing A Curriculum for Excellence and Active Literacy Research indicates improved results when literacy is taught in meaningful contexts and using an active approach. Stage 2 and 3 build on the foundations developing and expanding skills and

abilities. Making Literacy cross curricular and meaningful. Writing Very important that pupils write every day. Follow-up tasks from Guided Reading will always require the pupils to write. Independent, active activities will always involve some writing. Alongside all of this, pupils still need to be taught how to write.

One taught writing lesson per week related to a meaningful context created within the classroom. Taught Writing Lesson Pupils immersed in a story for 3 weeks, e.g.

Traditional Tales Hansel & Gretel, Selfish Giant, Snow Queen, Cinderella, Sly Fox and Red Hen, Peter and the Wolf, Rapunzel, Thumbelina, The Frog Prince Story is heard, read, discussed, told and reenacted several times over the 3 weeks. Word banks are built up on wall. Writing lesson title links with story pupils already have access to key words and subject is meaningful to them. Encourages enthusiasm for writing.

Outdoor Environment Sometimes an outdoor opportunity presents itself as an ideal subject to explore and write about Flexibility built in to take advantage of these

opportunities. Writing Genres Narrativ e/ Stories Creative pieces written mainly for entertainme nt

Mr Grinling makes the lunch. Report Describin g what things are like What is a lighthouse

? Instruction s/ Procedure s How to do somethin g

How to make an iced sea biscuit. Explanation How or why things work or happen How does my climbing

Hamish work? Persuasi on Convinci ng others of a particula r viewpoin t

Letter requesting information about lighthouses Recount Retellin g events in time and order

Grace Darling Assessment Use capital letters and full stops in most sentences. Use finger spaces between words. Spell most common words correctly. Try to spell unknown words. Try to write more than one sentence on my own.

Begin to use a variety of joining words. Ways to Support Writing at Home Read, read and read again! Shopping lists, forms, name and address Create characters Ask the right questions Where have we been? Share vocabulary- word of the day, describe your dinner

Every picture tells a story Finger gym The writing lesson

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