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Our School Council

Meet the members of our new Oundle CE Primary School Council which is elected, organised and led by the children with support from one of our class teachers who attends the meetings and gives advice. The staff co-ordinator is Mrs Lloyd.

The Council has an active role in taking decisions and making suggestions on behalf of the other children in the school.

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Our Aims

1. Let children have a say. We will:
• Put suggestion boxes through the school for your ideas.
• Have Class Councils.
• Use notice boards to give everyone information.
• Talk to our classmates to get their ideas.
• Try to persuade teachers and Mrs McMurdo to agree to our ideas.

2. Make the school happier and safer. We will:
• Ask other children what they want.
• Keep trying to be an ECO school.
• Raise awareness of Fairtrade.
• Help answer worries in the suggestion boxes.

3. Help people. We will:
• Raise money and make collections for charity.