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Our Guide To Home Learning


We believe that work at home is an essential element in a child’s education and we will continue to seek parental support with regard to any homework set.

Children from the Foundation Stage through to Year 6 will be expected to do homework which will vary in type and quantity depending on age and ability.

A homework book is a shared communication tool between school and home and is issued to all children at the start of each academic year and we have also prepared a comprehensive Homework Guide for parents aswell as a glossary of terms for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Another aim here at Oundle CE Primary School is to equip parents with information and strategies in order to help their children confidently with school work they do at home – and here are some user-friendly guides hot off the press.

Periodically, we hold events here in school which are dedicated to demonstrating such techniques to parents but the latest seminars are also available here such as our Maths Impact Guide to help parents with children in Key Stage 1 plus our Key Stage 1 Maths Impact Guide and our Maths Impact Guide to help parents with children in Years 5 and 6.

Young children – particularly those in our Foundation Stage – can receive valuable help from their parents with regards to their phonic awareness.