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Our Extra-Curricular Activities

Children at Oundle CE Primary School are encouraged to take part in a broad range of extra-curricular activities.

img_2419Instrumental Music Tuition
Children may be given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument such as a violin or flute. Music tuition is undertaken by visiting peripatetic teachers.

Parental permission is required if a child is to receive music tuition and a fee is charged. Children are expected to make a commitment for the whole year. Pupils participating in such activities will be withdrawn from their class during normal lessons.

Sporting Activities
The children will be able to participate in various sporting activities during their school life. Some of these will be part of the normal curriculum whilst others will be after school or lunchtime activities such as football, netball and athletics.

A number of clubs and activities are available at lunchtimes and/or after school for the older children, for example K’Nex, Art club and Uni-hoc. A full programme of all extra-curricular activities will be made known to children and parents at the beginning of each term. Our fortnightly newsletters will provide notifications of any changes that may occur to these activities during the course of the year.